Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kudos To Microsoft. *Claps Half-Heartedly*

Microsoft Adjusts Contents & Pricing for Fable II Collector's Edition

Honestly speaking, I haven't been in the market for everything games for that long. My saying this may puzzle some of you, since I always was amazed and immersed in the wonderful world of games as long as you've known me. (This goes the same for me.)

But it is a fact; before I started working, and figured out what my spending ability is, I wasn't really out there buying games and console systems. I rarely got my hands on spare money, and so I spent it only on truely, truely epic and hallmark games, such as StarCraft. So, I think I can rightfully say Fable 2 Limited Edition is the first game I've pre-ordered before released date.

And so, the news of the adjustment Microsoft is making for the package is especially acerbic for me. For $10 less, I won't be receiving a "Hobbes" figurine, five "Fate" Cards, or the premium packaging box. Still included is the bonus downloadable contents and a bonus DVD with "Making-of" documentary, which is... still OK. Sort of.

I think this is a good chance to think about how valuable these special packages like "Collector's Edition", "Limited Edition", or even "ULTRA LIMITED EDITION" really are.

Just how valuable are these special editions? Is buying these more expensive variants meaningless and foolish? Am I being a victim of those companies' marketing strategies? I really don't know which side of the fence I am standing, or should stand.

Anyhow, I now need to find another way to fill up my bland and lifeless cubicle...

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